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Indusrial Rubber Seal

We manufacture Industrial Rubber Seals of international quality standards. They are available in various types as per the requirements.

Rubber Wiper Seal

 Rubber Wiper Seal

We manufacture and supply premium quality Rubber Wiper Seal. They are with metal or without metal of different sizes and different material like NBR, viton, EPDM and silicon. We also can offer wiper seals as per the details specified by patrons.


  • Durable
  • Flawless
  • Precise design

Rubber Inflatable Seals

Rubber Inflatable Seals

They are made of glass nylon in reinforced silicone. They can be used in butterfly valves for ash handling of furnaces, kilns and coal fired boilers.

PTFE Spring Seal

Spring Seal

These Springs are energized, pressure-assisted sealing device consisting of a PTFE seal encapsulating a corrosion-resistant metal spring energizer.These seals can work function at a high temperature range up to 250oC. They can sustain Pressure up to 45 BAR, for -40oC to 250oC.


  1. Resistance to most fluids and chemicals.
  2. Low coefficient of friction.
  3. Can handle rapid change in temperature.
  4. High temperature range.
  5. Long shelf life.


  1. Valves
  2. Pumps
  3. Separators
  4. Actuator
  5. Dosing device
  6. Gas pipe equipment.