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Anti Vibration Mounts

anti-vibration-pad anti-vibration-pad

These are vibration and shock absorbing machine mounts that offer high isolations degree as well as absorbs solid bounds noise and high absorption level being tear proof at the same time. These mounts are suitable for operations and machinery that require levelling and are able to meet specific needs, nature and application. They are designed to enhance performance, accept compression, and even share or combined loading.

Anti Vibration Rubber Mounts lower the maintenance cost and increase life time and reduces the down time of machine with noise reduction. It helps in improving working environment, which enhances the productivity of workers.


  1. Cylindrical Anti Vibration Mounts – For low cost and non complex application.
  2. Technical Mounts – Frequency range 2.5 Hz to 14 Hz
  3. Levelling Mounts

Features :

  1. Reduces wear & tear on seals helping to prevent lubricant leakage.
  2. Reduces friction
  3. Increases machinery uptime and creativity.
  4. Reduces cost of replacing components and machinery down time. The cost involves equipment, procurement cost, installation and engineering cost